1. I’m testing around with a few concepts for a new project at the moment. The image above is my first test shots in regards to a project around the concept of an industrial space, and teasing around the idea of how it is used. The above image being of a disused cylinder. It’s very similar in subject to my college project “This Desolate Land”, which I am surprisingly still engaged with, for which I mean the project hasn’t left my mind set quite yet.

    Presently I am feeling more creative than ever, but time and equipment are agrivating me. I have a perfectly good Bronica medium format camera, but now that I don’t have access to DIT Temple Bar I have no where that is cost efficent to scan my negs. Clearly I would love to be able to produce a new series on medium format, but it seems like the above image, digital will have to suffice.

    Noel Noblett

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